as Rose Walker in An Appeal to the Woman of the House

Just closed the World Premiere of AN APPEAL TO THE WOMAN OF THE HOUSE by Christie Perfetti Williams, continuing work on this beautiful piece.  UPDATE!  Heather E. Cunningham WINNER for Outstanding Performance of an Actress in a Lead Role at the 2014 New York Innovative Theatre Awards for AN APPEAL TO THE WOMAN OF THE HOUSE which was also nominated for Outstanding Original Full Length Script and Outstanding Premiere Production.

Finished shooting short film THE PRESIDENT OF THE FAN CLUB due in 2014.  You can follow the film on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/presidentofthefanclub as we navigate the festival circuit!

from President of the Fan Club

Appeared in 2013 in Retro Productions' A DAY IN THE DEATH OF JOE EGG by Peter Nichols in the dream role of Sheila.

Appeared in 2013 in the World Premiere of YOUR COLONEL by Montgommery Sutton playing Martha Washington.

Recently read Ethel Rosenberg in a developmental reading of the award winning screenplay TRIAL by Montserrat Mendez for Mozzlestead Productions.

Appeared in 2012 as Mrs. Shandig in the off-Broadway run of THE RUNNER STUMBLES by Milan Stitt:  Retro Productions and The Bleecker Theatre Company in association with The Arclight Theatre, NYC.

As Mrs. Shanding, The Runner Stumbles, May 2012

Heather at the 2014 Announcement Party NYITAwards Nominee
Heather E. Cunningham was nominated for a 2014 New York Innovative Theatre Award for OUTSTANDING ACTRESS IN A LEAD ROLE for her portrayal of Rose Walker in the World Premiere production of AN APPEAL TO THE WOMAN OF THE HOUSE by Christie Perfetti Williams which was also nominated for Outstanding Premiere Production and Outstanding Original Full Length Script.
NYITAwards Nominee
Heather E. Cunningham was nominated for a 2011 New York Innovative Theatre Award for OUTSTANDING ACTRESS IN A LEAD for her portrayal of Sheila in Retro Productions' BENEFACTORS by Michael Frayn, which was also nominated for Outstanding Production of a Play, Outstanding Ensemble and Outstanding Actress in a Lead for Kristen Vaughan.


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“If there is a heart and soul of this play, it is Heather Cunningham as Rose Walker. She is, after all, the woman of the house. Cunningham’s portrayal of Rose is appropriately motherly yet Rose is also very much a woman to be reckoned with. Cunningham’s Rose has been worn down by a difficult and dull life, but she has not completely lost the spark that drives her onwards. Cunningham was an inspired choice for this role and has great emotional breadth.” – Theresa Perkins, My Entertainment World

"Heather Cunningham as Sheila gave a powerhouse of a performance, heart-wrenching as the mother and wife struggling to keep her family together." - Gina Femia, New York Theatre Review

"The cast is strong (standouts include Heather E. Cunningham as Rivard's housekeeper), the story is compelling, and the show is well worth seeing." - Wendy Caster, Show Showdown

"Ms. Cunningham is excellent." - Scott MItchell, Reviews Off Broadway

"Cunningham is simply phenomenal. She portrays Sheila with a depth and intensity that is absolutely breathtaking." - Alan J. Miller, theasy.com

"I also appreciate Heather E. Cunningham as Peg. Cunningham is a heavy-set woman who delivers a performance with a subtext that says, “I value myself, and I won’t mock myself or my weight by acting ridiculous. I know I’m desirable and worth a great deal.” I’d say “More power to her,” but Cunningham knows she has plenty of power already, and is using it splendidly. " - Peter Filichia,  theatremania.com

"From the moment Heather E. Cunningham opens the play as Rosie, with a foreshadowing soliloquy of lost flowers, the audience is completely drawn into her world, her family's struggle, her pain, and ultimately her courage. Cunningham's is a performance of such strength, nobility, and beauty she literally left me breathless. Her stunning portrayal grows like a daffodil emerging from the snow until Rosie's inner struggle blossoms so fiercely, so blindingly clear, the empathy we experience is cathartic. I was left literally shaken... In the gut-wrenching climax, Cunningham and Forbrich tear your heart out. I was not alone in suppressing sobs." - Heather McCallister, nytheatre.com

"But the tragic star who attempts to be joyful and helpful, but ends the play weeping while consoling herself with one of the worst looking donuts ever seen, is Angel the chunky waitress, played by Heather Cunningham... Heather’s veneer of joy is outsized ,but the terrible teasing and abuse she absorbs from nearly every character, and hence from the world at large is palpable." - Wickham Boyle, theaterscene.net

"She is a gut-punch of an actor. Completely without concern for herself when she's in character, utterly subsumed by the demands of the script." - seanrants.com

"As the deeply dissatisfied estranged wife of a Vietnam vet in Retro Productions' presentation of Emily Mann's play [Still Life], Heather E. Cunningham burst with working-class outrage and resentment yet made you care for this lost soul without begging for sympathy. And in an evening of three monologues, she played off the other two actors, never showily but always eloquently." Marc Miller, Backstage East, "Performances to Remember, 2007."
(Listed among 22 performers from Broadway [Lauren Ambrose: Romeo and Juliet, Deanna Dunnagan: August: Osage County] and Off-Broadway [Allison Pill: Blackbird, Kelly Kinsella: Kelly Kinsella Live! Under Broadway] alike.)

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